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Still falling

This section of the web-site gathers all the darker creativity beneath those ominous clouds and under the insecurity of a single parasol  . . .  and, in so doing, creates a multi-media event that is truly unlike any other.

At rest, the nightmare begins, please make it stop  . . .  you wake and then the nightmares truly begin. My world is spinning around.

Still falling

Unquiet Slumbers

First, there is Some Candy Talking - the words ring true and should be spoken aloud to realise the full effect of the emotion - and do not miss Candy Vol II - let Candy take you there.

Then comes The Victim, like a little lost soul - we look for a meaning that was perhaps never intended. There is always hope.

La Vie en Rose - the story of a man’s life, in fact or fiction in other words.

Next comes Heroes, we get down on our knees and worship at the shrine raised in honour of those who inspire - aspire  . . .  yes, we can be like they are.

Ah, yes  . . .  The Quiz - what was it we were thinking of.

Beware the Truth - is it out there? What does it mean?

Finally, Breathless  . . .  be still my beating heart  . . .   

Jump  . . .  Jump

Where is the life that I recognise

Gone away!