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Welcome to life in the land of pink and grey


     In the fullness of time.

     You will find this site is separated into so many different areas - there will be those which bear such disparate titles as “Still”, “Falling”, “Walking” and “Drifting” as well as others which may seem to make less sense or even no sense at all.

      Falling - this is where to find all of the finer quality - such as the words of Candy and also the vision of The Victim - it may be found to be of such great interest and so wilfully deconstructive - are we not men?

      Walking - my life is out there in the fresh air - who knew - and now, with a fully separate heading, South Downs Way - it is not just a pair of well-worn boots

      Drifting - a showcase of the many things done whilst passing these endless times  . . .  and, yeah, again, who knew what lies bleeding beyond the door  . . .  And then, become lost in the Labyrinth  . . .  dream on, there is still no end in sight

      Hopefully, all of these ideas will continue to flourish and blossom - it can truly be a garden of unearthly delights - digging in the dirt, just dig over the same old ground - there is a treasure trove or a grave, what have you found. We carry on working endlessly towards this state of utter perfection  . . .  so do not hold your breath, just chant the mantra - you know the words - I am nearly there . . .

      . . .  and, remember:-

This site is constructed as a reflection of the libraries

in the Tower of Babylon

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   Men at Play

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