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7 November 2017

     Through the Grass Darkly

          Lost the will to fight - give up, give in - there is nothing left.

          But from the ashes the Phoenix will rise again - take heart, take comfort - the hero shall return, bloodied but unbowed. Risen from the grave.

17 July 2017

     All Systems Failing

          ‘Til he cried out - I am leaving, I am leaving but the fighter still remains

          It is such a shame when certain people get hurt in the battle, there are no winners only           victims and they deserve so much better. Who shall bear the cost, not those who should be           paying for their misdeeds. It is the right decision - you cannot lose if you throw the race.

1 July 2017

     Ground Zero +1

          Sure has a lot of blood for a skinny guy. Nothing changes, we have been here before - so           there is no hope, nothing changes, we have been here before. There is no way forward, just           go over the same old ground, we have been here before. Do not fear, do not be afraid -           Harvest Time for the Reaper. No more.

9 June 2017

     Here we go

          Echoes return - the waiting is over and like a balloon cast adrift in the breeze I set off on the           journey. What will this year be - sunshine on a rainy day - sunshine all the way.  This is it,           boys  . . .  Here we go.

7 June 2017

     Here we go

          The new web site has been officially released to the world and like all good things there was           no ceremony. Candy is in tears. It is all looking good even though there is plenty more work           to do. There is hope that those who enter will be pleasantly surprised by what they find and           return frequently to enjoy, whether it be from The Victim or Candy or the latest SDW Journal.           Leave no stone unturned, who knows what may be hiding beneath. Chant the mantra, you           know the words, you know the tune . . .  neverunderstand.

19 April 2017

     Life Intolerant

There. In the water. Only a few short feet from the shore. There is splashing in the water and the surrounding crowd begins to grow restless. There is an unease and then  . . .  there is a sharp intake of breath  . . .  a head breaks the surface  -  unlike any silent bird on a frozen lake. There is a cry for help  -  does it come from the crowd or the water  -  hurry, he is going down again, hurry  -  the third time comes around so quickly. And as one they rush to help, the stricken victim  . . .  Hurry, hold his head under the water, keep him down until he ceases to struggle  . . .

Candy v The World

8 April 2017

     Burn in Hell

          How dare my supremacy be challenged - there is no justice and truth is questioned.

          Vitriol is not a fine wine and is served in large doses. It is not fair.

          Revenge will be coming hot foot and lay waste all that stands before.

          I shall prevail.

23 March 2017


          Here we go  . . .

          Going around again - you been here before - going down - like it has always been.

          Yes, we are Here To Stay   . . .   ryan martinie, sziget 2012 - an ideal for living

10 March 2017

          A life can end in an instant - one can only hope

                                                                  st tims