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ComSat Angels  -  Postcard

Divine  -  Shake It Up

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gustavo Dudamel

Bolero  -  Maurice Ravel

Roxy Music  -  Mother of Pearl

Stiff Little Fingers  -  Nobody’s Hero

Wreckless Eric  -  Whole Wide World

ComSat Angels  -  Independence Day (with Fan Chorus)

Here we go

I can’t fucking hear you


Damaged but invaluable

Yeah, you go girl

I know the tune

I know the words

The ones inside are waking

Just thought you’d like to know

For Ida Rubinstein - the relentless snare-drum

Looking for love in a looking glass world

Alternative Ulster  -  Para-military solutions

There’s an angel standing in the sun

We watch in reverence