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The 7th Annual South Downs Way Walk begins on 7 June 2019 and ends on 15 June 2019 - hopefully, a glorious 9 days

Each evening, a report will be posted at approx 10pm and briefly describe the events of the day

It will all be written, as it happens, for each and every step of my journey along this National Trail in “SDW Diary 2019

There is no better place

Please note that the Annual South Downs Way Walk is organised by Footprints of Sussex

If you wish to know more about them or this event, their website is footprintsofsussex.co.uk

Each year, during my walk along the South Downs Way, I will be raising funds for Cardiac Rehab Support West Sussex. This local charity provides ongoing support for cardiac patients. They certainly helped me after my heart operations.

Donations should be made direct to me and will be gratefully received and then used to help even more cardiac patients.

Over the years the grand total has reached £810.06

To add to this, we have £50.00 for 2019 so far.

 Thank you

Right, so who’s up for a raspberry ripple?

Happy the Man

The 7th Annual South Downs Way Walk

Eastbourne to Winchester

7 to 15 June 2019