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Yeah, you go girl

Out of the mouth of the innocent

The spoken word - it is loud and clear

The word is the truth

Candy is the truth

Believe in the truth

You all know the chorus  . . .

  . . .  shout it out loud

These passages, apocryphal and meaningless, convey a sense of emotion that dwells within us all. The inter-play of the words create a feeling that lurks unbidden and is difficult to grasp. There is always a hope for stability. There is always a hope  . . .

What was it we were thinking of


The vision of this wisdom means we will never be alone

Some Candy Talking

     Oct 2005     Angels approaching   -   The first in an occasional series

Some Candy Talking - 2

     Jun 2006     Fallen from grace   -   Similar words in a different order, circling like vultures

Some Candy Talking - 3

     Aug 2006     Watch me as I fall   -   The stream of lost consciousness

Some Candy Talking - 4

     Dec 2006     An arrow through the heart   -   Termination

Some Candy Talking - 5

     Feb 2007     Desperado   -   Jesse James and his man-friend, always stiff as my smoking barrel                                                                                                                              

Some Candy Talking - 6

     May 2007     Going down   -   A spiral scratch

Some Candy Talking - 7

     Jun 2007     Ruby   -   Just a passage of time

Some Candy Talking - 8

     Dec 2007     Cassandra smiles   -   Who knew what the future was to hold

These passages do continue in Candy Vol II

A valuable lesson to learn from our mistakes

          Candy is adrift

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