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Some Candy Talking    6

A dim light burns, glowing falteringly at the end of the long and dark tunnel. It is reminding us of a cigarette - lonely, it casts no shadow, it reflects no hope and has no warmth. Yet, it is there. Throw caution to the wind … throw a stone at the glass … throw yourself away.

Glance across at the others, they are you … you watch them so carefully and yet you still believe that we are there, the remains, because you see straight through them. As time is curved so life is bent. Look through them, see the hardness of the wall beyond, look harder still and break their spirit. Broken lives, breaking hearts … go down.

Decay … don’t forget, I don’t remember I just know.

Tell me how to live my life, tell me what not to do, tell me what is right. Tell me now, I won’t listen, I cannot hear. Scream until it hurts. It makes no difference. The blood is dripping, heavy and heavy, weighed down it falls to the lower level. No hope and no warmth, there is. Scared or scarred. The frozen look of fear, glazing, see those eyes … dull, dull, dull – see the emptiness no one tries to hide – one will always fall forever in that eternity between the two events. Beyond the event horizon we are all, we are all nothing.

No decay – I do not exist.

Even now we do not believe. We see but the truth is denied. What truth is that. Nothing has changed. It is all as it was. See it, believe it, cry out … and weep. Cry hard. Tears bring truth. Tears bring acceptance. Tears bring comfort.

The warm rain falls – decades pass moments live forever – eternal – remember when … the grass was green, or was it – how can one know, how can one believe in anything, how can one ever understand.

Do not stray from the guide line as there is no way back – run headlong to the brink – no, it is too late, you can’t stop. No wavering, that is the waste, glory is all but it has no understanding. Take comfort from your friends and leave them empty … so cruel, so unnecessary, so turn back, so lonely …


The heavens open …