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Some Candy Talking  ~  7

… anyway, the questions always remain on the tips of our tongues, what is the point of giving way to a sensible hypothesis.

Thoughts moving so slowly through the richness of the colour are bound to the lines of least resistance, jacked up and held in a constant thrall. A constant sense of failure. Break out. Break free. Breakdown. A sense of constant failure. Give way. Spirals glow and shine, they are curving about the imagery that we create so gently and then as casually discard. So near. So far. So what. Love and darkness is all around us. Walking along and not caring where it all will lead, when it all will end. Why. We keep moving so as to never get there, never arrive, never in a lifetime of concern do we let it worry us and yet we can never let go but will still continue to hold the line and keep moving on and on. Don’t stop. We can’t. Breakdown but don’t go. Don’t go away.

Crashing through, senses dulled, feel no pain only the unendurable hurting and wait – bound and gagged.

In a little while the storm will break like a lazy stream of thought and the barely conscious effort strives to keep the systems in motion until there is no beginning or end just the heavy swirl that continues as if it were the only moment over and over and over and over there is like over here and so it is fixed not broken but endlessly recurring like a hidden dream with no way out through those uneven doors that lead us back to where we have always been before and are yet again but still the search goes on to find those that are lost and that which is lost is found and lost again and goes down and wants to take us away over and over and over again like the short sentence which is just as long as life and the guilt always comes freely given so stop screaming and accept the battery as we will walk along endlessly with broken legs and a shuffling gait and a head hung so low and everything always in a ruined carrier … I really don’t know, it just seems to be the way it is.

Crashing through, senses dulled, feel no pain only the unendurable hurting and wait – bound and gagged.

I’m in no hurry – so the tune has no words, the words have no meaning, a rhythm beats, sink deep into the idea of the victim – I’m in no hurry.