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The South Downs Way is one of our National Trails and runs for about 106 miles from Eastbourne, over the white cliffs and beautiful green downland, to the statue of King Alfred in Winchester.

In June of each year Footprints of Sussex organise the annual walk which travels along the whole length of the route over 9 consecutive days. Around 200 or more people make the journey each year - sometimes in beautiful sunshine and sometimes in rain and, occasionally, under the shadow of a mighty thunderstorm.

It is a great event and a fine opportunity for experiencing the landscape of southern England in the company of some wonderful people. Making new friends and renewing old friendships made during the previous years. It is a great time and the feeling of camaraderie lasts a lifetime as many people do, indeed, return year after year.

The memories do not fade and walking the trail in either direction brings so much pleasure.

     Every day, whilst the annual walk is in progress, an entry has been written in the Walk Diary and this briefly recounts the events of that day.

     Also, since 2015 I have written a detailed Journal of the walk which fully describes what has happened along every step of the way. From the comfort of any armchair it is certainly compulsive reading.

     There are Films which have been created from the many photographs taken and the soundtrack of each film reflects the feeling of the walk in that particular year. We still await the films for 2017 and 2018 - they will appear one day.

     Galleries of the Photographs taken will eventually appear and help round up this section of the site. It should be noted that, weather permitting, it is just not possible to take a bad photograph - it is, indeed, that good.

     Finally, informative pages describing both the park and the trail are slowly being constructed.

The 7th Annual South Downs Way Walk

7 - 15 June 2019      Eastbourne to Winchester

Raising funds for Cardiac Rehab Support West Sussex

Please pass any donations direct to me

Follow my progress this year in the “SDW Diary 2019

So good that you just want to take it home with you