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    This section of the site is perhaps the spine holding it all together, gripping tightly to the rock - the floodgates open wider - and contains three areas.

     Firstly,there are a few thoughts (Time to Talk) which may or may not be an indication of how I felt at the time. the Old Testament is those random moments from the old site and the New Testament is, perhaps, the current way forwards or, more likely, down - dreams don’t rise up just descend.

     Who knew.

     Next, a page that will sometimes list the things that have recently been added to the site - What is New - a title that certainly tries to say it all. It hopefully gives a clear indication of where to look to find the said items.

     Who knew.

     Finally, for your general assistance, there is a Site Map which lists all of the pages that currently exist on the site. This will allow the eager browser full knowledge of what there is and allow them to fully search all that there is, displayed and on offer.

     Who knew, indeed.

     That is it, happy browsing.

        A Lost World