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Divine     1945 - 1988

A star  . . .  initially finding notoriety and fame on the silver screen and then the stage before finally shaking it up as a Hi-NRG pop diva  . . . yeah, you go-go girl

Selected films

   Multiple Maniacs

   Female Trouble


Selected songs

   Shoot Your Shot

   Love Reaction

   Shake It Up

First encountered Divine in the film Polyester at the Odeon cinema in Worthing - wish I had kept the Odorama “scratch ‘n sniff” card.

Subsequently saw Divine performing live on 3 occasions - at Sussex University, at Jenkinson’s in Brighton (or was it Coasters) and, lastly, at the Horsham Arts Centre (where the most interesting support was the Joan Collins Fan Club).

Another world  . . .  another foxy chick

Peter Gabriel     1950 -

Singer/songwriter, musician - he rose to fame as the vocalist with Genesis and, after leaving the band in 1975, has created a highly successful solo career that actively continues to this day.

He is involved in many humanitarian efforts and has become hugely influential on the world stage.

Selected songs


     San Jacinto

     Lay Your Hands On Me

     Sky Blue

     Signal To Noise

          and everything else

First saw Gabriel in early 1973 - the Genesis glory days - and many subsequent occasions before he left the band. Must have seen him at least a dozen times during his solo career on many a memorable evening.

Milton Keynes, 1982 - the rain, the mud - and Gabriel entering the stage in a coffin to rejoin the band for a reunion in support of WOMAD. I was there  . . .  We sang along, those days will never return.

Another world  . . .  a passage of time

Cowboys and Kisses

Like everything - gone but not forgotten

   “No matter how long I went without smoking, I wanted cigarettes, their taste and reassuring presence”  -  Avery Cates

   “  . . .  as we will walk along endlessly with broken legs and a shuffling gait and a head hung so low and everything always in a ruined carrier  . . .  I really don’t know, it just seems to be the way it is”  -  Candy

Who would have thought a fag could taste so good

Don’t Tell Me

Derek Jarman     1942 - 1994

Film director, stage designer, artist, gardener and author.

Selected films


     The Last of England


   Early 1977 - Liverpool - a trip to the cinema - what to see - the stills on the display boards outside the cinema clearly left no doubt in my mind  . . .

Sebastiane with Kenneth Anger’s Scorpio Rising as support.

   Not sure if it was eye-opening or jaw-dropping - but Jarman, Anger and, of course, Waters and Warhol certainly deserve credit for their influences on my film making

Miss Crepe Suzette - winner of the 1975 Alternative Miss World

The gravestone in St Clement churchyard, Old Romney

Photograph taken by myself on 18 May 2014

Note the pebbles along the top, simple and yet so perfect

Another world - a man’s man’s man’s world

Another world - another place in another world

The ComSat Angels     1978 - 1995

and 2009/10

An English post-punk band from Sheffield and Doncaster named after the J G Ballard short story.

Frequently claimed to be the greatest band in the world, their music has been described as “abstract pop songs with spare instrumentation”.

Initially active from 1978 to 1995, the band briefly reformed in 2009/10 to play a handful of gigs to the huge delight of their many appreciative fans.

The core band members, lasting from 1978 to 1992 were

Stephen Fellows - vocals, lead guitar

Kevin Bacon - bass

Mik Glaisher - drums

Andy Peake - keyboards

First heard them in 1980, the single Total War was frequently played late at night on the radio, the John Peel Show. The album Waiting for a Miracle soon followed and I first saw them live on 16 November 1980 at Jenkinson’s Bar in Brighton.

Saw them next at the Top Rank in Brighton on 12 October 1981 when they supported U2 - it seemed that more of the audience were there for the Comsats.

Despite several failed attempts to get to gigs, I last saw them in London a couple of years later.

Selected songs


     Home is the Range

     At Sea

     Missing in Action

Another world - another life and another death

 . . .  coming soon  . . .

. . .  and displayed on The B Line

Multiple Maniacs (1970)  . . .  A Celluloid Atrocity