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The Quiz  -  an exercise in poor taste

A multi-media event that was always best described as a cult

   It would try to flout convention and endeavour to stand     firm against authority

At it’s best it was an acquired taste  . . .  at it’s worst, well, quite unbelievable  . . .  through the good times and bad the punters continued to turn up - stunned and bewildered

Here is a selection of some of the more impressive posters

The Quiz No. 19

It seemed as if it would be a struggle to have the quiz held before the invasion of Iraq - considering the seriousness of the impending conflict, as the massing of the troops took place, there was a constant expectation of a phone call to remove the poster from its prominent position on the staff notice board.

Surprisingly, I heard no criticism and the poster did not become censored - how times change as it was not long before The Quiz became more and more heavily censured.

The Quiz No. 22

It was thought appropriate to gain official approval before pinning this poster on the notice board - strangely enough, the powers that be felt that it was suitably amusing  . . .

The Quiz No. 23

Whenever has Sabrina Salerno previously been linked together with Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley - a classic and a fine dose of sexual innuendo - culture rules.

What was it we were thinking of