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These films have cult status

Amongst those who witnessed the development and release of each film, there was always an awed sense of wonder and complete bewilderment.

Their meaning may forever remain uncertain

    Over the course of a few brief years, despite the many ideas that were bubbling up from a fertile mind, only 4 films managed to be created. The Victim and his cameraman - The Voyeur - had many plans that would have held any captive audience spellbound but, unfortunately, these plans were never able to make it to the screen.

    In due course, it is hoped, that versions of all 4 films will eventually be uploaded to this page.

    There was always too much criticism, mostly unwarranted, and ultimately a constant refusal by the audience to see the films for what they were.

    A hope remains that further films will (in some form) yet be created and shown to an almost appreciative audience.


Virna digital

The first film, now in a digital format - see it as it originally appeared and left the audience both silent and unbelieving

It is considered to be the most magnificent work but was so heavily criticised when premiered and the backlash never ever stopped - so very unfair.

There are no prisoners, only victims -

                                                   - lights, camera ... action.

Please note, there is no editing - just one take included the action, the music and everything  . . .

a passage of time

Nancy edit

The third film with just a little re-editing.

Such fun with so many changes of costume - and all the good stuff left on the cutting-room floor.

The audience could only applaud the success - but the resentment was still hanging heavy.

Did you spot all the fags - don't you just love 'em.

a passage of time

Ruby bw

A black and white version of the  fourth film - edited to lose the opening and closing titles.

The film most favoured by the audience, but could they really admit to liking it - as if.

It is thought that the film looks better in b&w - it is with hindsight that all things should be viewed.


A still from the infamous film “The Art of Darkness”