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     There is now so much that has been presented on this site and, following a short fanfare and even briefer ceremony, a breath has been taken and the cord finally cut.

     From now and into the foreseeable future, anything new is likely to be mentioned in the list below. This is to assist my regular viewers and, so that you know exactly where to look in order to find anything, it will be listed with a hint to where it is located.

     Do return frequently as new pages may be added regularly and old ones will certainly be frequently amended. Words are often changed and, as we know, the passage of time alters everything.

     Feel free to enjoy everything that is here.

                  He loves me  . . .                                       He loves me not             

27 August 2019  -  Finally, the SDW Journal 2019 has been completed and worth a read, 20,000 words and quite a few pictures. Also, look at the films on The Park page under SDNPA. Have a search and see what can be found.

21 May 2019  -  The premier league is complete and the  FPL  page below the  Drifting  header is updated - so, did the boy do good?   . . .   and Spurs to be European champions   . . .        so be there on 1 June

31 March 2019  -  A new drawer is now unlocked in Giovanni’s Room  -  out of the closet is  Futurama

31 March 2019 -  Some pages are new and some are being updated. It is all  a work in progress so please bear with me  -  there are lots of new tunes in The Musical Box

9 March 2019  -  The truth is out there.

A completed page  -  Falling, Truth  -  a life in a trance

6 March 2019 -  Now, with the addition of the trailer for Multiple Maniacs  . . .  yes, it is indeed there  . . .

  Falling, Heroes, The A List  is now a shrine

24 February 2019  -  At last,  Some Candy Talking 12  is published. Never a word too many and always enough commas for the most breathless of us. Read it and weep.

2 November 2018 -  There is a new section under Drifting - Giovanni’s Room can be found and if one travels through the door we find ourselves confronted by Batman

Is it still safe to walk the dark streets of Gotham City?

31 October 2018 -  A raft of new pages have been created throughout the site and we shall endeavour to provide more to entertain in all forms of media.

17 September 2018 -  After only 93 days the SDW Journal 2018 has finally been written and published - hunt it out and give it a good read.

25 May 2018 -  The  Annual SDW Walk begins on 8 June 2018 and the  SDW Diary 2018  will start to be written.

5 November 2017  -  The site needs re-structuring to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing. A few pages may need to move from here to there, so keep your eyes open.

30 October 2017     -    At last, the SDW 2017 Journal is done. It has been harder to finish than the walk was - have a good read or just look at the pictures.  It can be found at

 Walking - South Downs Way - SDW Journal 2017

30 October 2017         Lost contact.   Sorry the email address on the   Contact   page is no longer valid  -  we are working so hard to re-connect the line

27 June 2017          A new section   Gossip   is now underway - there is an email address available on the   Contact   page - be brave, give it a try.

5th Annual South Downs Way Walk

Each evening from 9 to 17 June a report of the day’s events will be made and can be found at

Walking - South Downs Way - SDW Diary